I am a huge fan of Evan Carmichael and his BELIEVE, Modeling The Masters YouTube channel.  His very intelligent 10 Rules series masterfully edits clips from public figures from all parts of life speaking about what makes them successful. He organizes the video clips into a brief montage and highlights the Top 10 points on the side for reference.

One of my favorites is from ex Marine, Jocko Willink’s, #7, Attack. When you have a major issue, respond with Good. When something is wrong and going bad, say good. When things are going bad, there is going to be some good that comes from it.

– Didn’t get promoted, good.
– Didn’t get the new technology we needed, good, more time to get better.
– Mission got canceled, good, we can focus on the other one.
– Got beat, good, you learned.
– The unexpected problem, good, we have the opportunity to figure out a solution.

When things are going bad, don’t get all rattled. If you can say the word good, it means you are still alive, and it means you are still breathing. If you are still breathing, you still have some fight in you.

Get Up
Dust Off
Re engage
Go out on the Attack