Mindfulness is moving into the mainstream and Anderson Cooper recently covered it in this 60 Minutes

segment.  ABC Nightline reporter Sam Harris suffered an on-air panic attack he describes as the most embarrassing day of his life and talks about how mindfulness relieved his anxiety in this Nightline segment.

My personal story with mindfulness started at Groupon in 2010 when I became increasingly stressed about my personal sales production and realized it was reaching a point that was hurting my health, job performance and overall enjoyment of life.  I decided to try a form of meditation that I researched called the Natural Stress Relief and Acem which are very affordable and use a simple mantra where you sit for two fifteen to thirty-minute meditation sessions each day.  For further information on this technique check out Dr. Herbert Benson who pioneered research at the Harvard Medical School giving scientific evidence on the benefits of quieting your mind called the Relaxation Response.

Meditation mindfulness can help keep us focused and less stressed helping to not let the mind wander which compounds our anxiety by having other emotional challenges in life pile on.  The more we are present and less worried about the outcomes, how we will be judged and thinking about the “what if’s” the better off we are.  Our personal energy levels will be less prone to burn out and we can remain more enthusiastic to achieve the things that are in our control.

If 30 minutes twice a day seems daunting start small.  Try 5 minutes a day and then build from there.  You can quiet your mind prior to making a presentation so you are focused and at your peak when you want to be your very best.  This is particularly beneficial with the numerous things we juggle in life that can pull on us at any point of the day taking us off our focus.  Making time to meditate will course correct your mindset.

Try for one week to start a meditation ritual where you set a specific time to quiet your mind.  If you want more information on how to do this please feel free to contact me!  And if anyone has a meditation technique that you use I’d love to hear what works for you.