My building address number in NYC growing up was 444.  My birthday is April 20th – 4/20   I have made it a habit to tune in when the clock strikes either 4:44 or 4:20 each day.  What started as pure nostalgia for reminding me of memories of where I grew up and my birthdate have become weekly coincidences in my life.

I now set my intent and life to notice these times setting my alarm for 4:44am, taking screen shots when I see a random address that has 420 or seeing the scoreboard stopped at 4:44 at a sporting event.

Why do I do this?

Because being aware of coincidence in your life is important to being in flow and having “zone” like experiences.  When you are excited and into what you’re doing you will notice more “Connections” aka coincidences. This practice of intentionally looking for coincidences serves as a catalyst for us to grow and be ready for when the coicendences all add up to a major shift in the course of the direction of our life.

In the TED talk Rives: The Museum of Four in the Morning | Talk Video | the poet discusses his contagious obsession with 4am and his blog that spurned thousands of reader submissions with all things referencing 4am.  He created a following of people noticing any reference to 4am in society.

In the book When God Winks by SQuire Rushnell | About SQuire Rushnell the former ABC TV executive talks about how the power of coincidences guides your life.  “We’ve all experienced an unexpected phone call from someone we were just thinking about, but hadn’t thought about in years. Or…we’ve run into someone on the street who completely changed the direction of our life. We often say, “Wow…what a godwink.” Yet we rarely ask, “What caused that person to call me at that moment?” or, “What caused that person to be at the same place I was, at just the right time?”

In the book turned movie James Redfield outlines a process of synchronicity to bring more “mysterious coincidences” into your life as explained here: How Synchronicity Can Work For You | Celestine Vision

In our work life when we are engaged in what we are doing and put forth our intention to connect with the right people we move into the “zone” of peak performance.  Connections with co-workers in different departments start to come to fruition.  Articles and billboards resonate with ideas and concepts we are pursuing whether its in engineering, sales, marketing or customer service.

National best selling book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: 9780061339202: Books provides more concepts on the matter of being in tune to coincidences in your life.

This practice can show itself unconsciously.  For example, if you are thinking about buying a red car all of sudden you start seeing a lot of red cars.  You can create the habit of directing your awareness on what matter most to your personal and professional development by paying attention to coincidences.  Practice by starting a simple coincidence journal jotting down each days coincidences and you will create more synchronicity at Groupon and in your life!

What’s your 444?