Choose Awareness over Unconscious Thinking

Lisa Esile, author of 7 Secrets Your Mind Doesn’t Want You To Know lays out in simple terms triggers you can look out for when observing how your mind controls your thoughts.

Our Minds our incredibly bossy. And it is like a computer and wants to make decisions based on facts.

Intuition: Is you guide to do what you love and to take the chance of acting and then watching how life unfolds in a new direction that would not have occurred should you have played it “safe” by letting your computer mind base actions on facts alone.

Saying No: You want to be liked and accommodating all the time. Your mind doesn’t realize saying No isn’t a big deal, or even a medium deal.

Negative thoughts that make you feel inadequate: Accepting how you are, no matter how you are, is the most loving and genuinely positive thing you can do.

Dismissive, Controlling and Judge mental: Watch for ways you are dismissive and judgmental of other’s people place in life.

Repetitive and Worrying Thoughts: You will be amazed how many time your mind repeats the same negative thing once you start observing it. You can choose to stop these thoughts and tell your mind you’ve got this and replace with positive thoughts.

Lisa Esile

Ascent Today Habit: Catch your mind being the boss when you judge someone else, have difficulty saying no to someone, do not follow your intuition or have repetitive negative thoughts. You can use the rubber band trick and snap it on your wrist every time you’re not the boss.