Choose a Focused Morning over a Mindless one

In his book Miracle Morning Hal Enrod gives an outline of how to make your morning more productive. This is a daily personal development routine designed to start the day off right to aim higher. The quote from Jim Rome who proclaimed with certainty “Your level of success, will rarely exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become” was initial seed that motivated Hal.

Each morning dedicate 1 hour to invest in your personal growth by using the six practices within the “SAVERS” model which stands for:
* Silence
* Affirmation
* Visualize
* Exercise
* Read
* Script

The order that they are done are not important and you can vary how much time you dedicate to each. In fact you can do a 6 minute version where you literally dedicate 1 minute to each.

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