Pass Through over Blocking

If your energy patterns coming into your psyche create disturbances you will resist them and they will not pass through you. When you do this, the energy patterns actually get blocked within you. What it means to live life is to experience the energy going through you and then experience the next moment and the next…. When you don’t let the energy flow through you a blockage occurs and you stop seeing the moments because you are fixated on the one subject that has now formed a blockage inside of you. Life must now compete with this blockage.

If someone is trying to disturb you, trying to get your goat why not let them have it? If you don’t really want it, then don’t protect it. The reward for not protecting your psyche is liberation.

Once you start to feel a little tight that is your cue to “stop” resisting and let go as you have a tremendous opportunity for growth at that very moment. If you are centered your consciousness is just following whatever catches its attention.

Letting go is realizing when a blockage occurs which is a signal that there is an opportunity for growth to take place inside. You let this energy flow through you instead of blocking it so it now strengthens you instead of weakening you. The secret of the ascent is to never look down always look up.

You either let go or you don’t. There really isn’t anything in between. So let all of your blockages and disturbances become the fuel for the journey. That which is holding you down can become a powerful force that raises you up. You just have to be willing to take the ascent. That’s how you become a free being, you transcend.