Choice Upgrade: Staying Open over Closed


Michael Singer in the book Untethered Soul asks the question, How much love and enthusiasm do you want in you life? Always stay open and not closed. Closing is a habit. There are many situations that you can close yourself such as when another person is approaching you. Every time you close ask yourself do you really want to cut off the energy flow. You can choose to train yourself to be open and not closed. Closing is a means of protection. But what you really want is joy, love and enthusiasm out of life. When you open you become a source of light for all those around you. The most important thing in life is your inner energy. If you are always inspired and filled with energy than life is fun! Let the energy come from your heart which is the place where the energy sustains you.

In the article by Gilbert Ross These 3 non actions are the real secret behind life mastery, he outlines a way to live in harmony with life where life flows and comes to us effortlessly.  A life where you wake up knowing you will do something in line with your life purpose.  And feel supported by a divine presence you do not try to label, understand or doubt.  The real path to mastering our life is through non-action.  The Taoist concept of Wu Wei or action through non action.  Self Mastery comes from 3 Non-Actions: Trust, Appreciate and Just Be.


Trust is allowing things to be without judgement even if they do not meet your values.  Surrendering is not giving up but opening the heart to a higher power beyond the noise of your mental incessant chatter.  Doing this allows you to flow and not resist life.  Courage is when you act in spite of immobilized fear surrendering to the higher power and trusting the divine will to act through you.  You come out the other side more optimist and see things in a new way with more positivity.

Appreciate starts with gratitude which reminds you of what you do have filling you with more positivity and announces you are ready for more. This changes your perspective on life by putting the spotlight on your blessings.  Gratitude allows you to have more compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others.  This produces inner peace which brings happiness and inner peace even when a storm is raging outside.

Just Be without expectations and ideas of who you are.  Mediation is the pathway to experiencing this.  Meditation is just being without the noise and barriers of the mind. This allows you to be present in the here and now without be transported or pre-occupied by your thoughts and worries of an imaginary past or future.  The breath is a great way to anchor into the present.  When you are present the realisation of the only “sane” moment is the present happens.  You become grounded in reality, the eternal now and the realisation that the preoccupation of your emotional thought patterns no longer have the same power over you. With less mind clutter comes clarity and focus on your life’s direction.  Again you have a new perspective.  Once you realize you can master your life because your attention is turned to how resourceful you can be internally by trusting, appreciating and Just Be-ing.









Source: Michael Singer

Ascent Habit Practice: When you feel yourself closing upgrade to opening using your heart to gain back your energy through love and enthusiasm.