Choice Upgrade: Energy over Knowledge

Energy is determined by diet, exercise and doing things that make you happy. Energy and enthusiasm are more important than actual knowledge. Having energy translates to your belief system and conviction. Maximizing personal energy means eating right, exercising, avoiding unnecessary stress, getting enough sleep, and all of the obvious steps. I’m suggesting that by becoming a person with good energy, you lift the people around you. The main reason I blog is because it energizes me because just the idea of it excites me and raises my energy today. That’s a system. Ideally, you want to manage your personal energy for the long-term and the big picture. Having one more cocktail at midnight might be an energy boost at the time, but you pay for it double the next day. Consider the notion that organizing your life around the concept of personal energy is useful. My proposition is that organizing your life to optimize your personal energy will add up to something incredible that is more good than bad.

Ascent Habit Practice: List the activities that give you energy. Make another list of things that reduce your energy. Increase the amount of time you spend on the activities that give you energy.